Moving In


The Turnover Process is the last step in becoming a proud homeowner.

Here are some guidelines to help make the turnover of your home smooth and hassle-free for both you and AXEIA Group of Companies.

Upon approval of the housing loan or loan take-out from the financing institution, our Customer Relations Officer (CRO) will send you a notice to attend the Move-in Seminar for new homeowners and consequently be asked to settle the move-in fees. You are then requested to conduct a thorough house inspection and you will be accompanied by one of our Technical Representative who will assist you in filling out the punchlist form.

Any rectifications will be done immediately. Completion date will depend on the nature of the items in the punchlist. When rectifications are done, we shall set another date for your final inspection and acceptance. Upon acceptance, you will fill up and sign the acceptance form to formalize the delivery of your new home.

You may contact our Customer Relations Department for more convenience and we will be glad to assist you.