For a first-time homebuyer, the real estate landscape can be a confusing terrain where one can lose his way easily. But you can never go wrong with Axeia. Axeia today is the smarter choice for you and your family.


Figure out how much you can afford. Decide where you want to live. Think of what kind of home you want. If your desire to own a home based on wanting to create stability, keeping control over your living situation and investing in your future, go for it.


Contact an authorized real estate sales person who will search for suitable properties, represent your interest and negotiate in your behalf. Shop aggressively. Look at many homes as possible to get sense of what’s possible. Don’t rush into buying if you don’t have to.Go into exhaustive detail when describing to your agent what you want in a home. If your agent shows you homes that aren’t what you want, find another one who listens more attentively.


Complete the purchase by signing in the Reservation application.Pay the reservation fee. Submit the required initial documents.

Select and choose

Start going to open houses to see what the market is like. The more homes you look at, the better idea you will have of what you can afford and what you do and don’t like. Simplify your search by defining the location you’d like to live in. Scout out what’s available. Look at the prices, home design, proximity to shopping, schools and other amenities..


Understand legal and documentary requirements and study financing options. Attend housing loan seminar conducted by financing institutions. Get prequalified to get the amount you can pay.Be ready to hand over a substantial down payment. Strengthen your credit, resolve any delinquencies with the financing institution..

post purchase

Accomplish the post-purchase procedures. prepare the loan requirements and sign the housing loan documents. Submit the post dated checks for monthly equity installments and amortization. Wait for the loan approval, attend the move-in seminar and prepare to transfer in your brand new home


Sales Documentation Requirements

Initial documents to be submitted by the buyer upon reservation

  • Duly filled-up and signed Reservation Application Form
  • Buyer’s Information Sheet
  • Reservation Fee Payment Receipt
  • Payslip for the last (2) months, if applicable
  • Proof of Billing
  • Valid I.D. Card
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Residence Certificate

For regular employed member

  • Notarized Certificate of Employment & Compensation (CEC)
  • Income Tax Return
  • Notarized Certificate of Employment & Compensation (CEC)
  • Certificate of Pag-IBIG Contribution
  • Membership Status Verification Slip (valid for 6 months)
  • Preliminary loan Counseling Questionnaire (PLCQ)
  • Employee Statement of Accumulated Value (ESAV)
  • Company ID w/ signature
  • Birth Certificate or Marriage Contract, if married
  • Death Certificate if widow
  • 4 pcs of 1 x 1 ID pictures, with signature at the back
  • Special Power of Attorney (SPA), if applicable
  • Valid ID of Attorney in Fact
  • Residence Certificate of Attorney in Fact
  • Postdated checks for the Equity monthly installment payments
  • Postdated checks for the first THIRTY-SIX (36) monthly amortization to Pag-IBIG Fund

Are you a Real estate broker? or do want to have a professional career in real estate?

Most of real estate professionals that became certified sellers of AXEIA were successful in selling our real estate projects and are still here continuously growing with us economically, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Becoming a member of the AXEIA sales organization is a sure opportunity for personal advancement. Talk to us and we will work out a program suitable for you.

Sell for Us? Be accredited!

Accreditation assures the buyer that a broker or seller is authorized to sell the property he/she is representing and that he/she is recognized by the developer to represent its portfolio. Selling AXEIA real estate projects is a very rewarding experience.

Online Application

For PRC Registered Real Estate Brokers

Fill up this online form

NOTE : All fields are required
• Download our application form (PDF)
• Fill up the form and email to
• Our Sales Assistant will verify your application and process your accreditation upon submission
of documentation requirements.
• A draft of the Contract of Agency will be sent to you for your signature.
• Send it back to us to make it official.


Our support services to the sellers:

We are in need of real estate service professionals who will grow with us as we continue to find our niche in the real estate development business. Some of the benefits of the accredited seller are as follows:

• Sales materials to be used in the information campaign.
• Events and exhibits where sellers are encourage to participate in helping them on their sales
• Access to our website and group page for the downloadables and printable materials.
• Attractive Buyer’s discount and Seller’s incentive given on the periodic basis.
• New Incentive rpogram for gift and prizes awarded through out the year